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There are many large companies worldwide who provide employees of all nationalities with the privilege to travel to the United States as non-immigrants. These opportunities help these individuals with a career growth like no other. For this reason, an O1 visa becomes a fundamental part of the individual’s professional goals and it helps them create a better future.

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O1 visa Miami for Temporary Worker Visa

O1 visas can be rather complex to apply for and obtain on your own. This is why we highly advise having legal and professional guidance from a firm like ours. At Gallardo Law Firm, we work with experienced attorneys who can guide you through this process easily and effectively. We understand that obtaining an O1 visa Miami can provide you and your family with incredible opportunities that we would not want you to miss out on.

Benefits of an O1 Visa lawyer Miami

Immigration law is a very broad and wide area of expertise that may require the legal assistance of an immigration attorney form a firm such Gallardo Law Firm. For this reason, Gallardo has carefully chosen a team with the skills and insight needed to help you obtain a temporary worker visa . Immigration law can be rather difficult to understand without proper legal guidance. This might lead to complications and setbacks throughout the process. Having an immigration lawyer work by your side can give you the peace of mind you need.

What is an O1 visa?

The O-type visa is a temporary non immigrant visa granted to individuals from a foreign country working for companies that are located both in their homeland and in the United States. These visas can also be granted to individuals who take interest in certain fields such as the Arts, business, education, science, sports and many others. Individuals who have been meritoriously recognized for their skills and trades or outstanding achievements can also obtain a non-immigrant visa. If you have any questions or concerns about how this process works, contact one of our skilled attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm.

O-1A Visa

An O-1A is a worker visa that only applies to certain individuals who are professionals with a great amount of skill and experience in fields such as business, sports, education and science, but does not, however, apply to individuals in fields such as television or media production. This is because only a small percentage of individuals who have reached a certain level of expertise in their professions are considered to have some kind of ability or knowledge that will be useful in a United States’ business.

Evidential Requirements for O-1A visa

In order for an individual to be eligible for this type of visa, they will have to demonstrate their abilities and skills by having national or international recognition for their tasks and accomplishments. These individuals are characterized as the very small percentage of individuals who achieved or reach such a level in their professions. These recognitions can be Nobel prizes, merit awards or other kinds of highly recognizable merits for the services or tasks accomplished by the applicant. As mentioned above, the applicant that is eligible for this category of visa will be someone who has accomplished a great deal of work experience and merit in their field and profession. Ask one of our immigration attorneys about what to do in these types of cases. Gallardo Law Firm can assist you with all categories of immigration proceedings.

O-1B Visa

An O-1B visa helps individuals who have abilities in the areas that an O-1A visa does not cover or apply to, such as an extraordinary ability in the arts or achievements in motion pictures and television productions. This can apply to aspiring actresses and actors who have been internationally or nationally recognized for their roles or performances. These individuals must be passionate artists with accomplished acting or professional arts careers in order to become eligible for an O-1B visa. This will eventually show through their merits and awards.

Evidential Requirements for O-1B

Temporary worker visa usa

Just like an O-1A visa, an O-1B visa will also be granted to individuals who have obtained recognition nationally or internationally for their skills and abilities in the arts. This must be proven in order to be considered for a non immigrant worker visa in the United States. It is understandable that an O-1B visa can be extremely important to an individual and their potential success in their professions, but evidence must be shown in order for the person to be granted the visa.

Evidence and merit includes well known awards such as Emmy’s, Grammy’s or Academy Awards or a minimum of three of the following options:

  • The individual has performed in an act or production which has been critically reviewed and has gained international or national recognition for its reputation and public release.
  • The individual is recognized by his or her distinguishable reputation, reviews, fans, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • The individual has proof or major success and accomplishment which can be easily recognized through ratings, titles of former productions or acts, reports in the newspapers and media, etc.
  • Proof of a larger net worth for artistic abilities and accomplishments in comparison to other individuals in the same work field. This option can be proven by providing evidence such as work contracts, etc.

O1 Visa application process

The O1 Visa application process can be very simple or very complex to the individual applying to obtain a temporary worker visa in the United States, however, it is possible to use legal and professional guidance from a firm such as Gallardo Law Firm to ensure that the application process is done correctly. The individual applying for this visa must first file an I-129 Form, which is the document known as the petition for a non-immigrant worker at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office. This petition must be completed in a minimum of 45 days prior to the employment date in the United States in order to prevent any unseen occurrences or delays, but it may not be filed over a year in advance to the date of employment.

In order for an applicant of an O1 visa to turn in the I-129 Form, other documents will be needed as well, which include:

  • A consultation or a written opinion from a group of partners or someone with high levels of expertise in the field of which the applicant is working.
  • An exception of the consultation requirement in case there is no group of peers or mentor to write such a letter, in which case the individual will have to be able to demonstrate his or her abilities.
  • A complete itinerary that states a full explanation of the events or activities the individual will be part of, along with the date in which these activities will take place.
  • The individual must have an agent to represent them. This United States agent will be the individual employing the petitioner for the O1 visa.

O1 Visa Processing Time

Worker Visa Application

An O1 visa application process can take anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the documentation required from the applicant and all of the documentation turned in. Because these applications can become confusing fairly easily, it is always advised to hire a lawyer or attorney form a law firm that specializes in immigration law such as Gallardo law Firm to guide the applicant through the process.

This will help avoid any undesired delays or circumstances that retain the petitioner from traveling to the United States. Failure to provide all necessary and required documentation can lead to the denial of an O1 visa application, which can jeopardize the petitioner’s opportunities for an incredible career growth. It is highly critical that an individual doesn’t overlook any of the slightest details in the application in order for the process to run as smoothly and as swiftly as possible.

What is an O2 Visa?

While an O1 visa is provided to individuals with a talent or certain abilities in the fields of arts, science, business, education and sports, an O2 visa is granted to individuals whose jobs are to provide assistance to the petitioner of an O1 visa. These individuals must be a great part of the O1 visa applicant’s daily activities such as a manager, sports therapist or personal assistant. In order for an individual to be granted an O2 visa, their assistance in the United States must be a critical factor to the performance or success of an O1 visa applicant’s daily activities. The O2 visa allows essential support to applicants of an O1 visa in fields of television production, sciences, business or education along with sports. The O2 visa holder helps bring success and maintain the O1 individual satisfied. A Miami immigration attorney from Gallardo Law Firm can help you determine who qualifies for this visa category.

O2 visa Requirements

In order to be eligible for an O2 visa, applicants must show evidence or prove that their attendance or travels to the United States are absolutely critical to the state of mind of the applicant of an O1 visa. They must be an integral part of the every day activities of such an individual and provide emotional, physical or mental support to the individual, to the extent where the O1 applicant will not be able to perform his or her daily tasks and/or activities without the O2 visa individual holder. These individuals must also possess skills and abilities in general nature that may not be performed by other individuals such as providing managerial support, physical therapy, or emotional support to the O1 applicant. Family members of petitioners for an O1 or an O2 Visa may also be eligible for a non immigrant work visa to the United States of America. These individuals must be either the spouse or unmarried children younger than 21 years of age in order to be eligible or be able to accompany their family member to the United States. This process is done by first requesting an O3 visa. You can trust the Miami immigration attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm to help you with the whole process.

What is an O3 Visa?

An O3 visa is a non-immigrant work category granted to family members of an O1 or an O2 visa applicant who has been approved a visa into the United States. Because some families depend on one another financially and emotionally, husband or wife and single children under the age of 21 will be granted an O3 visa in order to travel safely with their families to the United States. In order for an O3 visa to be granted, the petitioner must be a dependent of the petitioner for an O1 or an O2 visa. Although children under the age of 21 will not be granted a worker visa, they will be able to continue pursuing their studies in the United States while the spouse of an O1 or O2 applicant is granted a worker visa that will help him or her provide funds for the family.

Period of Stay with an O1 Visa Miami

Depending on the abilities and field of expertise of the person applying for an O1 Visa, individuals can enjoy a non immigrant work visa to the United States for a maximum stay of three years. An extra year will be granted to the applicant depending on whether or not the USCIS agrees that more time is required to accomplish the goals or set activities while the person is in the United States. These activities can include television productions or sports contracts. If the individual plans to come to the United States in order to serve the country with his or her abilities and skills, more time may be provided as long as the USCIS approves it. In order to do this, the individual will have to be assisted by a lawyer or immigration attorney from a reputable firm such as Gallardo law Firm to ensure that the time extension will be provided and the task assigned to the O1 or O2 applicant is successfully accomplished

Frequently Questions and Answers about O1 Visa Miami

An O1 visa is a nonimmigrant worker visa granted to individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of art, business, education, science and sports. These individuals must be meritoriously recognized in their home country or internationally and must show proof of such abilities in a variety of ways before being granted a non immigrant workers visa into the U.S. These individuals can use this visa as an opportunity to grow their careers or obtain more recognition or even gain knowledge in more advanced technology or anything related to their area of expertise.

Family members of an applicant of an O1 or O2 Visa will be eligible to travel to the United States. This is done in order to provide financial and emotional security to immediate family members such as spouses and children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. Children under 21 will not be granted a worker’s permit but will be allowed to continue their studies while a spouse of a petitioner for an O1 or O2 visa will be granted access to work in the United States.

With an approved O2 visa, petitioners will be able to travel freely to and outside the United States of America for the duration of the Visa. This can range anywhere from six months to three years depending on the approval of the USCIS and the amount of time granted to the O1 petitioner with whom the O2 petitioner is traveling with.

Evidence such as contracts between the O1 petitioner and yourself, stating terms and conditions for your employment, and services that will be provided by you can serve as evidence to the importance of your travel with the principal petitioner. Any documentation that proves your significance to the success and completion of the tasks and assignments as an O1 applicant will be enough evidence to apply for an O2 visa.
Not necessarily, but the individual who has been granted an O1 visa must by all means take up employment from the date authorized by the USCIS office and must terminate the employment on the given date provided and authorized by the USCIS as well. These individuals can take up assignments or employment opportunities with different employers as long as each of the employers fills out a separate I-129 Form for the O1 visa petitioners.
Yes. Applicants of an O1 visa may ask for a time extension to the USCIS and they will have to approve of how much time will be granted to you.